On The Twist Connection’s 4th album, electricity still is salvation. The trio – drums, bass and guitar – remains the same but now they’re searching for other sounds exploring synths and organs. Groove stills reigns strong and the songs find perfect balance in their containment, tension and explosion dynamics. 

Rock ‘N’ Roll is the air they breathe and the greatest inspiring influence. From Rockabilly to Post-Punk and beyond. Michael Purkhiser, Gregg Foreman, Boz Boorer and Miguel Padilha guest on the record, bringing extra guitars, organs, saxophones and clarinet. 

In a world that has been in clear transformation for the last couple of years – in a quasi-universal dimension but, at the same time, in a more intimate way – questions about where the future lies, doubts, feelings of love and anger are big topics in this collection of songs. And in the end there’s a lingering certainty: let’s dance anywhere but here.

The Twist Connection