The Twist Connection emerged in 2016 and already have four long-term albums and two 45”.

They are a Rock ‘N’ Roll band that dives into the roots of the second half of the 20th century, feeding on the nascent Rockabilly of the 50’s, the various aesthetic currents of the 60’s and the Punk urgency of the late 70’s to reach the year 21 of the 21st century with eyes set on the future.

They are always looking for their own identity, believe in the transforming power of Rock ‘N’ Roll and live it. So they have built their path.

They have, over these 7 years, stepped on countless stages, from underground rock clubs to larger festivals, assuming themselves as a band that lives on dynamics and interaction with the public.

In addition to having toured the entire national territory, they have already been present in France, England and, mainly, in Spain where, in 2019, they were awarded the “Pop Eye” Prize for the best Portuguese band.

They have been developing collaborations with names such as Boz Boorer, Gregg Foreman, Michael Purkhiser, Ruby Ann, Raquel Ralha and Miguel Padilha, among others.

Band Members:

The Twist Connection

Carlos Mendes (Kaló) – Vocals and Drums

Samuel Silva – Guitar

Sérgio Cardoso – Bass


The Twist Connection

Stranded Downtown CD
(© Suíte Music, 2016)

The Twist Connection

The Twist Connection CD / LP
(© Lux Records, August 2018)

The Twist Connection

Is That Real? CD
(© Lux Records, March 2020)

The Twist Connection

Young Kid / These Foolish Fears 45”
(© Lux Records, January 2021)

The Twist Connection

Bring Me The Storm / Fake 45”
(© El Beasto Recordings, 2021)

The Twist Connection

Anywhere But Here CD / LP
(© Lux Records, September 2022)